While we can recommend and select great gifts this holiday season, we figured it was time to invite some other experts to give their ideas.

Eric Yang over at Gear Patrol kindly agreed to share eight holiday gift ideas for 2011. As expected, Mr. Yang’s gift ideas run the full gamut of men’s goods  – from camera bags, jackets, to power drills, and $50 mechanical pencils  – all catering to the more discreet shopper who expects a premium return for their money. Everything on his list is accessible to most without breaking the bank, sans that killer camera.

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Read and see 8 holiday gift ideas from Gear Patrol’s Eric Yang after the click.

“When it comes to bags for camera gear, I’m always hard pressed to find one as instantly recognizable and respected as a Billingham bag. With roots in fishing, the British bags may look like simple canvas and leather executions but beneath there’s a lot of detailed design and ergonomics for the photog infused into the bag. An abundance of modern materials like FibreNyte and StormBlock butyl rubber are also part of the bag’s makeup. This latest generation shows the brand is still at the top of their game. It looks mighty handsome in black canvas, too.”
“$50 for a mechanical pencil? First, dont’ call it a pencil — this 0.2mm lead holder is so gorgeous and precisely built that it’s nearly impossible not to have a knee-jerk reaction out over its monolithic design. Frankly, when it comes to writing instruments, you either get it or you don’t. But if you do, then you’ll know why giving or receiving, and writing with a Rotring feels so damn special.”
“Blame it on the weather, but vinyl has been big on the personal listening docket. My collection is humble but growing, and recently the sights have been set on adding the limited pressings (just 500 each) of Miles Davis circa 1973. With a totally electric and fusion sound, Davis and his septet laid down some sweet tunes during that era and their great albums for Miles Davis fans. This particular recording comes on a gorgeous clear green platter. No coincidence with the holidays, I’m sure.”
“Being from the South I have a special fondness for hammocks, but there is life beyond quilted hemp. The Hennessy, which is neither related to Dodge Vipers or Cognac, uses a clever asymetrical design that takes tip-overs out of the equation. The canopy’s mesh material vents while keeping the bugs and wind gusts out, the rainfly can tilt in any direction, and the entire setup can convert into a camping chair with just a set of hiking poles. Camping hedonism at its best.”

Voigtlander Bessa R4M Camera, $799

“Because the digital camera to Photoshop workflow has become a critical all-consuming part of the job, I’ve found myself turning to manual cameras as an escape. Aim, shoot, and (yes…) develop. Simple. It’s great that companies like Voigtlander still recognize a demand for mechanical cameras. The Bessa not only looks like the camera you wish you were shooting everyday, but its all-manual setup will make you a smarter, more thoughtful photographer. Just be warned, going old school isn’t necessarily a cheap affair. Scouting on eBay or local shops for an old Canon AE or Nikon F are fine options as well.”

Esemplare Yakar Jacket, $600

“It’s no secret the resurgence of American reference style has gone far beyond the shores of the U.S., but sometimes a bit of outside perspective is nice. The Italian brand Esemplare threads together some great pieces, one of which I’m particularly digging. The Yakar jacket is a recreation of a U.S. Military Korean war era parka, but unlike the heavier reference worn by GI’s, Esemplare has updated it with a more tailored cut. A sharp looking go-to winter coat.”

Bosch 12-Volt Pocket Driver, $99

“Tools sound like a cliche gift but personally, I think they rock. What isn’t cool though is living in a New York apartment where workshop dreams go to die. But smaller, cordless tools doesn’t mean a man has to relegate himself to the K-Mart special. The Bosch 12-volt pocket driver is just about perfect because it has precise control, a slim profile, and packs twice as much torques than its nearest competitor. It’s also a feather-weight despite its mighty motor.”

E. Tautz Madras Handkerchief, $90

“Layering with a blazer is the best corollary to cooler weather. The upshot is usually keeping things simple, so my MO is to make sure the pocket square is unique — and here again, the Brits know their stuff. Just don’t go crazy with it.”

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