They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. And while the quote has been misattributed to everyone from Napoleon to Confucius, Turgenev broke the essential idea down in Fathers and Sons, that a complex idea or situation can be conveyed through a single still image.

With ever-improving cameras in mobile phones, it seems everyone is a budding photographer. Results vary, from spectacular to embarrassing. Just check out, which highlights some of the worst results of online fauxtographers, for an example of the latter.

A major catalyst in this digi-photo revolution has been Instagram, which has been cutting through the world of social networking like wildfire. An homage to the Kodak Instamatic and Polaroid, as well as the fantastically addictive cult of Lomography, Instagram turns the camera on an iPhone into an entire photographers toolkit, allowing a host of filters and lighting options.

The true genius of Instagram is in it’s social aspects, and for many it’s taking over from Twitter as the way they share their day to day lives. Twitter allows expression of what’s on our minds. 140 character thought bubbles. Whereas Instagram functions as a sort of picto-Twitter, allowing glimpses into our aesthetic realities.

Debate is raging on (ironically, primarily on Twitter), but many people clearly feel that a picture may be worth a thousand words, but an Instagram is worth at least 141 characters.

This column will, once a week, take a look at some interesting IGs and IGers, in the world of streetwear and beyond. With over 15 million users, I can’t possibly see everything, so if you want me to check out your shots, or have recommendations of IGers, hit me up on Twitter: @quentincrispy, or on Instagram: cottonrazorblade.

Check out this weeks selection, featuring Jeff Staple, Edison Chen, Aaron Bondaroff, Bobby Hundreds, Juxtapoz Magazine, Mia Valerio and Rocky Xu and  and others after the jump.

Happy Snapping.

Jeff Staple (jeffstaple)

The Downtown Don keeps an artfully curated collection of shots of design inspirations, aesthetic curios, and more kicks than you can shake a maxed-out Visa at.

Bobby Kim (bobbyhundreds)

The Co-Founder and Creative Director of The Hundreds shines a spotlight on the west coast creative underbelly.

Rocky Xu (igetbuckets)

Shanghai-based Nike Product Co-ordinator reps Swoosh Life.

Edison Chen (edceezyyy)

Actor, Rapper, CLOT founder, accidental porn star. Dunny does it all. Plenty of glimpses into a lifestyle you weren’t invited to.

Juxtapoz Magazine (juxtapozmag)

San Fran wall-burning publication extraordinaire takes full advantage of IG’s artistic potential.

Aaron Bondaroff (aaronbondaroff)

The aNYthing founder and all around cool kid’s feed reads like a living inspiration board.

Mia Valerio (calicupcake)

Cali-based import chiquita and putative favourite for the title of Childish Gambino’s dream girl keeps it sly and sexy (sample caption: ‘Objects in mirror aren’t as slutty as they appear’)

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