How we miss Nick… our old pal may have moved onto bigger and “better” things over at Complex, but we still keep in touch. An “Eight for the Holidays” allows us the opportunity to pick his brains about the very best in his world today – rather,  goods and items that he would love in his world. Like Mr. Yang’s eight items, Mr. Schonberger’s range give us a nice mix. Expect vinyl records, live mammals and more.

Read and see more of Nick Schonberger’s “Eight for the Holidays” after the click.

Oddisee “Odd Seasons” Vinyl

Oddisee’s “Rock Creek Park” is my favorite record of 2011*. His “Odd Seasons” series scores highly too, and the compiled seasonal eps rank high in my musical gift choices. The vinyl version has tremendous warmth. If Mello Music Group isn’t on your radar, December is the perfect time to catch up with the best label in rap music. UGHH has the vinyl.

*That I don’t have personal involvement with… everyone should own Stalley’s “Lincoln Way Nights.”

Dan Smith With The Light Of Truth Book

Compiling the best work by the finest straight edge tattooers, With The Light of Truth is the most beautiful tattoo book released this year. Dan’s a great guy, you may recognize him from LA INK, and his volume is a true passion project. A fitting gift for anyone on your list with an interest in tattooing or Americana. If you need two book gifts, buy my Homeward Bound as well.

Ticking Stripe Sheet Set

When you reach a certain age and own more of almost everything than required, quality housewares are greatly appreciated. School House Electric sells a variety of very nice things at reasonable prices. The aesthetic is clean, but the goods are not without personality. In that respect, most are perfect.

Outlier Ultrafine Merino T-shirts

Outlier’s merino tees are my absolute favorite garment. The perfect winter base layer.

The Fold

I’m off rubber bands. The Fold is the logical move forward. Jokes aside, the simplicity of the design attracts attention.

Available from Leffot.

Apolis Indigo Wool Chore Jacket

Apolis has a great vibe. We can argue on and on about trends, but when a garment is right (with correct fabric choice, silhouette, and reference points) it is just right. This chore jacket hits the nail on the head. A really handsome garment.

Russell Moccasin Custom Gators

Monk straps are shoes for the type of dude that listens to Jeezy in the whip but rolls the windows up when he hits a red. Gators are for rattling trunks with Dayton Family records. They have the type of heritage I respect – true hustler pedigree (this is the obvious next trend wave). I spend a lot of time in the Midwest, living the rap life, and need appropriate footwear. My dream would be a pair of Gators made by Russel Moccasin. Oh, your shoes are made in the USA? Mine are made out of an alligator (and in the USA). Who is a boss now?


Several years ago, I shared a lovely red nosed pit with a beautiful woman. Turned out the woman wasn’t as beautiful as originally thought, and matters were made worse when she claimed the dog. I’m now emotionally ready to have a new puppy in my life. I’d like one for Christmas.

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