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Johan Lindeberg debuted the new BLK DNM fragrance last week during Art Basel. Entitled, “Perfume 11,” the new BLK DNM scent is a unisex affair which is inspired by the scent in women throughout Lindeberg’s life. Respect to that. Except notes of “black amber, birch tar, and soft musks (base notes) blend with incense, fir balsam (mid notes) and finally cardamom (top notes) to create a peppery blend.”

Lindeberg notes that the numerical “11” denotes 2011. In his mind, “between this year’s nuclear, financial and political crises and rallies, I feel an energy right now that is not dissimilar to the political movement and idealism I experienced… in the late 60’s. The current climate is a strong inspiration for me.” The 50ml “Perfume 11” is available online and at their Lafayette St. location in New York City.

More looks at the bottle after click.

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