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Atif Kazmi from Por Homme brings us his “Eight for the Holidays” with a selection of goods that confirm that this editor has his eye on the ball when it comes to being classy. A good variety in here: Rolexes, flannels, umbrellas, and more…Respect on the gym membership, by the way.

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Ovadia & Sons Spread Collar Flannel Shirt

The holidays are as much about spending time with family and friends as they are about making it through the harsh winters or at least that’s the case here in the Northeast. This flannel button down is one of the finest pickups I hope to make as the colors are perfect and the Ovadia & Sons’ fit is just right.

Gym Membership, $89/mo at NYSC

I’m not overweight by any standards, in fact, my aunts to this day tell me I need to put on a few pounds. What I need to do though is hit the gym for some cardio and lift some weights to keep this impeccable physique. And by impeccable, I mean average.

George Nelson x Herman Miller Swag Leg Desk

I’ve been looking to redesign my workspace for quite sometime now and I think I’ve begun to make some headway. This desk is ideal in every sense of the word. It’s got just the right amount of space and is a design that’s equal parts modern and elegant. DWR has it.

Kenton Sorenson iPad Portfolio

I bought my dad an iPad for his birthday but never really got around to grabbing one for myself. I do borrow his for long trips and could really use this portfolio case. The natural leather finish works year round and Kenton Sorenson’s entire lineup is worth checking out for the designer’s iconic pieces. From Kenton Sorenson.

White Mountaineering Selspan Corduroy Backpack

For those not familiar, my daily commute to the office is rather long and so I bring along a few essentials for the ride. Using the same bag or backpack to carry the goods gets mundane so I love to invest in new shells. This one from White Mountaineering is unique as it features a cord body in a finish that’s versatile and a size that will fit my laptop, camera and then some. Oki-ni has them.

Rolex Day Date Presidential Watch, > $5000

This will probably have to wait a few months (years) as my bank account will not be able to handle the aftermath but I guy can dream, can’t he? A lot of guys I know want or already own a Rolex but they’re usually subs. I’ve always had this attraction to the Day Date President that I can’t seem to shake off. It’s odd because I never wear gold jewelry but best believe I will one day and it will start with this beauty.

Edward Green Made to Order Westminster Shoes

‘Tis the season, folks. And if you don’t think I’ll wear these, think again. The burgundy suede is impeccable and is seldom seen in such a timeless silhouette. Edward Green dress shoes are so well crafted and their Westminster last is one of their finest styles. These are MTO so I’m sure the wait time will be plenty but it will surely be worth it. Besides, when does Leffot ever steer us wrong?

London Undercover x ACL “New York” Umbrella

London Undercover has made a ton of umbrellas as of late but this one is special as it’s their second collaborative piece with my good friend Michael Williams of A Continuous Lean. It doesn’t need my cosign as the piece speaks for itself. The Black Watch exterior was a great choice and works so effortlessly with the canopy’s bright orange inside. This beauty is hand crafted from a single piece of polished Maple Wood and is built to last.

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