01. The Story Boot Project by Manitobah Mukluks

“Launched as an initiative to help Aboriginal communities achieve self-sufficiency, Manitobah Mukluks introduced the “STORYBOOT Project” , a collection of mukluks and moccasins designed in partnership with Aboriginal designers from across Canada.” (above)

02. Report: Lana Del Rey Live in New York

“However uncomfortable she was, she seemed genuinely excited about her debut record, Born to Die. Backed by a full band, she played six unreleased songs from the album, narrating her feelings about each. Gleefully presenting an uptempo new song titled ‘Summertime Sadness’, she explained that it’s one of her favorites on the album. When it was finished, she told the crowd, ‘I know you don’t care. [But] you’re going to fucking like it on the record.’ ” (pitchfork)

03. Humidifiers

“This collection of ceramic humidifiers, produced by Italian company Il Coccio, is a tribute to the historic piece, designed by Achille Castiglioni in 1998. Eight different designers, including such celebrities as Giulio Iacchetti, Patricia Urquiola, Denis Santachiara, Alberto Meda and others, contributed to the project. All pieces follow Castiglioni’s minimalist aesthetic and explore the idea of using the existing radiator as a base. The objects sit on, hang from, or wedge behind it, creating an interesting dynamic between two elements.” (minimalissimo)

04. Matt Singer Lighter Covers

“Matt Singer’s single-stitched leather lighter covers turn the ubiquitous Bic fire-starter into an item worth holding onto. The former Jack Spade creative director peddles the small sleeves from his eponymous online shop, but the playful Qbert and giraffe patterns gracing his latest designs were created exclusively for the Tumblr-based retailers Of A Kind and sell as a set for $40.” (coolhunting)

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