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The first of two watches we’ll feature today. We’ll start on the high end; the very reaches of the high end.

While we tend to avoid pushing to many of those Hublot Big Bangs through these pages (seriously, the number of make-ups in the Big Bang now rivals that of Nike’s mid 2000 SB sneaker colorways), we did find one that tops all other Big Bang’s before it.

The Hublot Baby Million is an aggressive baller-style timepiece with more than 440 baguette diamonds and another 422 to accent the hell out of the unit. The bracelet alone rolls in at more than 20 carats. 18 carat white gold behind the scenes as well.

God bless the reader who is contemplating the $302,000 necessary to rock this. We give it the five “$” rating for ridiculous.

More looks after the click.

source: tz

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