An umbrella is a strong gift for just about anyone in your  life: from your moms to your little niece. We should all be thankful for rain (in moderate quantities) but that is no reason to get wet. We select a short list of our favorite umbrellas – all perfect for the holidays. We fun the high and low of umbrellas here: from the moderate mini stowaways to a massive golf umbrella that could keep a family dry.

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Archer Adams Umbrellas

The ornamental handles on the Archer Adams umbrellas will either make someone’s day or give them a serious headache when they get clocked with one. Beautiful all around. They come in just under $200 each.

Filson Cover Cloth Umbrella

Heritage heads and all around fans of the brand Filson will enjoy this oil finished canvas umbrella. They say it works better than the nylon type. If the name Filson means anything, then they are right. Park & Bond has them for an easy $95

Senz Mini Umbrella

The perfect storm trooping umbrella. Senz offers a unique wind-proof design. They trust so much in this that each of their umbrellas comes with a “two year – no bullshit warranty.” We respect that. The mini is our preferred model as you can drop it into any bag for trekking. Find them at Senz.

Le Berlinois Umbrella

We love Berlin. Berlin loves us. We have big office in Berlin. Our favorite time of the year is Berlin tradeshow season so we can hit da clubs… but if the rain comes pouring down, as it does, we’ll be holding the Le Berlinois umbrella from SOTO Store Comes in at 229 euros . Well worth it.

London Undercover Classic Line of Umbrellas

“With the celebration of British Culture at the core, London Undercover brings to life what is generally seen as a boring, disposable, last-minute item. An obvious canvas for expression, the designs aim to encourage people to enjoy and take pride in what is, an indispensable, quintessentially British accessory.” Everything they said there. Yes.

Marimekko Unikko Umbrella

A flower pattern umbrella, designed by Maija Isola, from the famous Marimekko line. The small-ish handle and stem keep this one compact and easily packable. Buy it for yourself or the woman in your life. The price is a no haggle $40.

GustBuster Pro Series Gold 62-Inch Golf Umbrella

With a massive 62inch (157cm) canpoy the Gust Buster is a mega rain stopper.  It is almost daring the storm clouds to pour on you:

“Come on and bring it on. Try to get me wet!” Perfect for weddings or walking  a herd of sheep to pasture. The best part? The price. The GustBuster is $40.

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