01. You Say You Want a Devolution?

“For most of the last century, America’s cultural landscape—its fashion, art, music, design, entertainment—changed dramatically every 20 years or so. But these days, even as technological and scientific leaps have continued to revolutionize life, popular style has been stuck on repeat, consuming the past instead of creating the new.” (vanityfair)

02. Art-School Ads Brilliantly Parody Anti-Drug PSAs

“If art is your drug of choice, you’ll appreciate these wonderful print ads from Team Detroit for that city’s College for Creative Studies. Each parodies the kind of overwrought, family-in-crisis anti-drug PSAs that we’re all so familiar with. The spoofs work so well, of course, because many parents do see art as an unhealthy choice, an addiction liable to lead their offspring to nothing but starvation and despair. The tagline is: “Talk to your kids about art school.” Shame there isn’t one that reads, “I learned it by watching you, OK?!” A bunch more after the jump. ” (adweek)

03. Madaus: Fart

Here’s a nice print campaign from Madaus, a medicine helping people with their ‘gas’ problems. (creativecriminals)

04. An Apple Gift for the Holidays: Free Beatles (Book) on iTunes

More than a year after the Beatles came to iTunes, Apple’s digital store remains the only place you can legally download the band’s music. And now, if you want some Beatles but don’t want to pay for it, Apple can help you there, too: The company is giving away a free Beatles e-book. “Yellow Submarine” is just what it sounds like — an illustrated version of the band’s 1968 movie, which is both trippy and kid-friendly (so British!). The book was first published in 2004, but the new version features interactive goodies like song samples and bits from the animated movie. (allthingsd)

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