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Welcome to the second installment of A Thousand Words, our weekly Instagram roundup. IG’s a big, bold world, so do hit me up at @quentincrispy or cottonrazorblade (on IG) with your favourites. It’s also about images above all else, so I’ll let them speak for themselves.

This week we feature in our Instagram round-up Sophia Chang, MC Yan, Tittsworth, Tim McGurr aka 13th Witness, Stash and Ashley Outrageous.

Check out all the cool images after the jump.

Sophia Chang (esymai)

Queens-born and proud. Queen of the #bun. Staple, Ecko, and Complex collaborator. Illustration swag, and the life that goes with it.

MC Yan aka Syan (gudiii)

OG Hong Kong street artist and founder of the rap group LMF. Esoteric and poetic in equal measures. Visual cinquains.


Jetsetting DJ with a ruthless photographic sense of humour, and a surprisingly Bourdain-esque food enthusiasm. Club kids, tattoos, and gator jerky get equal billing.

Tim McGurr (13thWitness)

NYC-based photographic hardrock transforms gully into gorgeous.

Ashley Outrageous (Aoutrageous)

HighSnob reader recommendation with some fun shots from Basel Miami.

Stash (mr_stash)

Graffiti icon and designer. Nothing else need be said.

Hai Nguyen (xxxyxyz)

Street photographer and otherworld-ist. Highly manipulated. Spectral. Ethereal.

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