01. Ann Greene Kelly, New York (Pictured)

Backyard Bill’s back with another shoot. A bit shorter than usual, but still great. (Backyard Bill)

02. Sartoria Vergallo: A visit to Varese

“There are a few provincial bespoke tailors in the UK, but not many. Italy has more, though again far fewer than there used to be. The advantage of a provincial tailor is normally a quiet preservation of tradition; and price.” (Permanent Style)

03. Hot Button: A challenge for Jones?

“It’s time to face facts. After Saturday night’s neckchopping of Lyoto Machida, it’s clear that Jon Jones’ level of offense is unprecedented in mixed martial arts, outside of Anderson Silva’s otherworldly assault weapons. Machida had some intriguing successes in the first round, but once Jones flipped the switch in the second stanza, it was Machida’s body collapsing like a demolished building.” (ESPN)

04. 20 Years On: Public Enemy’s Apocalypse 91 The Enemy Strikes Black Revisited

“When the greatness of Public Enemy is discussed – which is often, for the band were, and indeed still are, one of the most consistently inventive, provocative and excellent outfits of the recorded-music-as-business era – the focus inevitably falls on their second and third albums. It Takes a Nation of Millions To Hold Us Back routinely turns up near the top of the all-time lists assembled by people who care about ensuring their opinions are thought sage; Fear of a Black Planet, its follow-up, is actually its better, though its sonics had been well enough trailed and it perhaps therefore lacked the element of surprise. Yet the band’s fourth LP is almost always overlooked.” (The Quietus)

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