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I’m listening to the latest mix up on mnmlssg, by Ancient Methods. The sound of this music can only be described as modern techno: hard hitting, almost battering at times while remaining in full control both my ears but also the pace at which I write this post. It is not for the faint hearted, and very far from what many would consider casual listening. Try it. You may like it. Play it while you read the following post and I’ll get to the point at the end…

Richmond, VA’s Need Supply rolls through their 15 year projects with this final collaborative work with the boys of Jersey’s Billykirk (yes, they are brothers and their products predate this menswear blogging business). The schoolboy satchel is made from rich Horween leather (your favorite of course for many reasons); Chicago Latigo leather to be precise. Hardware wise, you’ll find a leather carry handle and a detachable shoulder strap as well as brass closures throughout. It is indeed a beautiful bag, well constructed from people we trust to bring us a solid, performing product, which we hope you hand down to your friends and maybe your kids.

This schooolboy bag is one that we would carry and wear without the need for a uniform in mind. It is a utilitarian item made to serve a purpose. The fact that it looks great is secondary. If you do buy this bag, you will purchase it for one of many reasons. You will study the photos below (and maybe even see it in person) to ensure that you find it up to your standards. We believe it will be.

But more importantly, you will not give a rat’s ass what the guy next to you thinks about this product. This is for you, not for the trainspotter in SOHO trying to discover the next new look is. You.

Like me and the Ancient Methods set I am listening to right now: you do not care if anyone approves because at the end of the day, shopping and music is personal. Who gives a shit what anyone else thinks. It’s almost 2012.

Find this and many other goods  at Need Supply.

More looks after the click.

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