Andy Ray of One Man’s Style shares with us his eight holiday choices. The Boston Brahmin does his best at choosing some of the most unique picks of the bunch. From Trussardi duffles, to impossible to find bourbons, Mr. Ray digs deeps into a list that could double as a “holy grail” list of gifting.

Read and see more of Andy’s eight pick for the holidays after the click.

Macbook Pro 15inch Laptop

My laptop has been on its last leg for a month or so now, but it is still hanging on. A friend had mentioned that there may be a new release of macbooks with in the next couple of months so im hoping to make it until then. I have always had a PC but I think I may make the leap into the Mac world. The 15in Pro is what I have my eye on. ($1800)

Elektra Nivola

I love espresso but I dont own a proper espresso machine. This model from elektra would be my top choice. It comes from a well respected brand and would look great on any kitchen counter. ($1300)

3sixteen ST 100x Jeans

Probably the last thing I need is another pair of jeans, but I think its time. I tried on a pair of these a couple months back but there were none in stock in my size. Even still the cut on them was exactly what I have been looking for and the they seems to have a great rise on them as well. Im looking forward to getting these and wearing the hell out of them. ($220)

Paulistano Chair

This is one piece of furniture that I look at on almost a monthly basis. The combo of the phosphatized carbon steel (black) and the cognac leather slip cover is what I will eventually pull the trigger on. (photo credit)

Technics SL Series Turntable

I feel like I always have music on from my home to my car to the office, all day there is music being played. I have been looking to pick up a record player for sometime now but I have not found exactly what I want ( at a price i am willing to pay ). I want to go with a vintage Technics most likley one from the SL series.

Honda CB Motorcycle

If you have looked at my blog you know I post a decent amount of motorcycles particularly cafe racer styled bikes. I have never owned one but I feel that now is the time. The winter is upon us here in Boston and time outside diminishes with the cold. A 70 era honda CB cafe racer conversion sounds like a nice winter project.

Trussardi Camo Duffle Bag

Classic shape, manly pattern, quality materials, eveyone should own a great duffel/weekend bag. This one is definitly on the high end price point wise but come on its pretty badass.

Pappy Van Winkle

This stuff is pretty hard to find and again its on the high end price point wise, but if your into Bourbon this is a must try. As of now I believe the 15, 20 and 23 year old bottles are out. I can see myself now sipping some of this stuff, with some records on, working on the bike … a guy can dream cant he!

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