Issue #2 of David Chang’s quarterly magazine, Lucky Peach, is available now (well, it has been since the end of November). As we mentioned with issue #1, Lucky Peach is a very new take on the world of food and cuisine magazines, with coverage that ranges well beyond the simple recipe. Many consider it an unconventional take on the topic of all things foods. Check the dead fish on the cover to get you interested…

Inside issue two of Lucky Peach, readers will find words and writings from some greats, including Anthony Bourdain (who looks to be a Lucky Peach regular contributor), Ferran Adria on “something” foam, stories on cakes, Rene Redzepi on vintage vegetables, Tajikistani apricots with Adam Gollner, and more. They top it all off with a fancy sticker sheet. Unconventional indeed.

Lucky Peach is published by the great McSweeney’s. Find it at better newsstands or Amazon for $12.

A better view of the front cover after the click.

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