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While most brands have been busy re-releasing their classics in new colorways for the last 10 years, only very few understood to keep on innovating while doing so. Thankfully the market seems to slowly catch on to the next trend of offering up new shoes and new versions of classics, but not by switching up materials and colors, but by actually offering improved technology.

Seeing Reebok come out with their Pump Fury HLS and Ventilator HLS certainly excites us more than all their silly Asian collaborations, which have thankfully also gotten less ‘in your face’ in the last couple of seasons. With performance being at the core of these new releases, they still maintain the silhouettes and shapes of its classic originals, making these a perfect fusion of both worlds. We are definitely looking forward to test these out.

Check out both the Reebok Pump Fury HLS and the Ventilator HLS sneaker in two colorways, after the jump.

(Via SneakerFreaker)

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