Mister Mort’s Mordechai Rubenstein chimes in today with his eight picks for the holidays. Expect the unexpected with Mort – every time. From LEGO watches, Champion Big C sweats…. Rubenstein lives well in his own world with almost no influence from the fashion world that he walks in. Respect on that.

Read and see more of Mister Mort’s eight picks for the holidays after the click.

Big C Champion sweatpants with matching hoodie.

Why you ask? Really? Because all the bosses are wearing them. It’s the suit that takes fellas like me
from the boardroom to the steets of Milan (if I can get it on time for fashion week (not offered in S or M so I’m kinda mad)

(image credit)

I’d love to be measured for a tweed 3 pc suit.

Does Paul Stuart make one? if not they should). Because I’ve wanted one way before I shot this cat…

Denim Belgian Loafers

Because its the billionaires slipper for the streets in the most laymens fabric.

LEGO Adult Chronograph
Preferably this one on eBay. I’ve always wanted the classic joint, then I saw this chronograph and I want it even more. If she or Chanukah Charry misses the auction, check here for the classic. (editor’s note: both are available on Amazon in case you miss the auction)

1979 International Scout

Because Ive dreamed of owning one since I been spending time on the West Coast.

Harley Davidson Blackline

Umm, because I’m a guy and guys want motorcycles.

Custom piece of jewelry from MWR because I like support friends who make nice shit.

Big Apple New-York Yankees Fitted

“Ah, this is the worst lookin’ hat I ever saw! I bet you buy a hat like this you get a free bowl of soup, huh?…Oh it looks good on you, though.” -Rodney Dangerfield

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