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With all the controversy around artist Mr. Brainwash, made famous in Banksy‘s Oscar-nominated documentary “Exit Through The Gift Shop”, he still manages to attract loads of attention, especially with his latest show opening in Los Angeles in a massive old warehouse. Officially opening its doors to the public on first Christmas day, December 25th, 2011, we take a first look today at the large scale works by Mr. Brainwash, that will be on display at ‘Art Show 2011’.

The four story warehouse will not only display the latest works of Mr. Brainwash, aka Thierry Guetta, but also the works of other volunteering artists, ranging from The Seventh Letter crew to unknown amateur artists.

In this preview we get a look at massive sculptures, each referencing pop art in one way or another, exactly what one would expect from the artist. We can certainly not wait to read the first critiques of the show.

Take a first detailed look after the jump.

(Via Melroseandfairfax)

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