01. The Man who slipped on the ice (above)

We do like a faux-documentary.

02. Ajax and AZ Alkmaar match abandoned after goalkeeper kicks fan

“An Ajax supporter ran on to the field and tried to attack the goalkeeper of visiting AZ Alkmaar in a Dutch cup match on Wednesday, leading to the game being suspended after just 36 minutes.

The fan, identified by Ajax as a 19-year-old who had been drinking, approached Alkmaar’s Esteban Alvarado from behind, but the Costa Rican keeper saw the supporter in time and skillfully tripped him. Alvarado then kicked him twice where he lay before stewards dragged the intruder off the pitch.” (Guardian)

03. Marilyn Chewed Up

“Art book publisher TASCHEN recently released a new collector’s edition book on Marilyn Monroe, featuring the original text from Norman Mailer’s 1973 biography and accompanied by Bert Stern’s photographs, some of which were taken just six weeks before Monroe’s death.

The 278 page tome, simply entitled “Norman Mailer, Bert Stern: Marilyn Monroe” initially seems promising. A coffee table book the size of a small coffee table itself, it is selling briskly, despite the 750 Euro price tag (the editions signed by Stern, selling for 1,500 Euro, have apparently sold out). Many of the photos, some of them the last ones ever taken of the actress, are quite beautiful, presenting a nude Monroe veiled in a diaphanous pink scarf; Marilyn cheekily playing dress up as Jackie O; or playfully hiding her breasts with cabbage roses. Yet closer inspection of the book is quite disturbing, and reveals a dated attitude towards women that would never be permitted today.” (The Genteel)

04. Václav Havel: Outtakes from An Interview

“My first memory of Václav Havel is of watching the news as a kid, after the Hanna-Barbera cartoons, and seeing pictures of Havel in his living room: a prison of stuffed bookshelves. For me, Havel was the image of a literary hero—an ideal of literature as integrity.” (The Paris Review)

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