In the latest installment of his 1-2-1 series Jeff Staple sits down with founder and CEO of, Greg Selkoe. They talk about the beginnings of Karmaloop and how far they have come, as well as their future plans.

Karmaloop has always attracted as much hate as admiration. Controversy about its business, its founder and of course the impressive size it has reached over the years result in much talk and also much hate. It is funny from our perspective, because we feel like we grew along with Karmaloop over the years. We remember the times when the 10 Deep’s and Crooks & Castle’s of this world would not sell to Karmaloop because they were not ‘cool’ enough as a retailer. As you can imagine, those times have changed – economic crisis, lots of ‘cool’ retailers closing and a massive streetwear retailer that can actually sell numbers, made it hard to say no to. Karmaloop was one of the very first advertisers of this site and actually made it possibly for me in the early days to spend more time on and less time on doing other jobs to pay rent. That I can simply not hate on.

Now check out the interview with Mr. Selkoe here above.

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