Glenn Kitson, stylist and member of Team Rig Out, introduces us to his holiday picks. In between preparing for the next issue (it’s gonna be a good ‘un) and making fellas look smart, he’s taken the time to put together a selection of stinky cheeses, good reads and America via Japan socks. Take a look at  Glenn’s wishlist after the click.

I, Partridge. We need to talk about Alan.

OK, this may be a bit too much of a Brit reference but anyone who knows Alan knows how interesting he can make reading about the pedestrianisation of Norwich city centre.

Old Peanuts Memorabilia

I’m just into it at the moment. Iconic, charming, well designed coolness….

Black Bomber Cheese

Perfect late on Christmas day, once the turkey has settled a bit. This cheese made in Wales on the slopes of Snowdonia is so potent it makes your face go numb like fine Cocaine.

Nike Gyakusou

Once I’ve eaten all that cheese and turkey I am going to need some exercise. OK, I could opt for something cheaper but this stuff looks so good. And looks matter, right?

Invasion Of The Killer Mysteron Sounds

What better way to end Christmas with a bit of Dancehall. Shake off those mince pies and dance with Auntie Maureen around the Xmas tree. Killer riddim tracks collated on the Soul Jazz label. Nice sounds.

Kapital Pattern Scarf
Every winter stocking should provide some decent warm knitted accessory. That’s the law.

Healthknit socks

Socks. Don’t forget the socks. Healthknit 3 packs for a tenner. From Japan, mind. Sorry.

Saab 900 Turbo

Just because.

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