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Which seemed like a forever wait, the release of the much anticipated Tesla Model S car is finally getting closer and will for sure be one of the most exciting 2012 car releases to look out for.

Three battery options will be available for the car, offering different distance and power specs. You can connect the car anywhere to get recharged and at best can go up to 300 miles at once. Not only is the styling really nice on the Model S, the interior also came out beautiful, featuring a large 17″ touchscreen display in the middle, from which you can control pretty much any function of the car, ranging from the climatisation to the navigation, audio, Internet and more. The car sits 5 passengers and unlike the Tesla Roadster will actually be rather affordable, with a base price of 49’900 USD. All that with zero emissions.

Take a further look at the Tesla Model S after the jump.

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