Noirfancy hooks up with Union Los Angeles owner Chris Gibbs to talk about his history, background, his starting in the industry and much more. The interview from That’s Not Me Bro is very long and a bit all over the place, yet we cannot remember many interviews with the man that go so far back. Gibbs talks about interviewing with James Jebbia from Supreme, starting to work at Union New York, becoming a buyer and finally taking over many years later Union Los Angeles. They touch on Erik Brunetti and FUCT. Gibbs tells a great story about how Banksy tried to sell t-shirts to Union New York in 1998/99. He speaks about skateboarding, getting to know Supreme, Bape, Stussy and other brands. It is just a great in-depth piece that you should definitely check out. A nice ride through some of the history of streetwear and much, much more. Sit back, listen and learn.

Listen to the full interview here below.

That’s not me BRO-Pilot Episode: CHRIS GIBBS by thatsnotmeBRO

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