01. inaugural ‘Martyrdoom’ fest hits Brooklyn this summer (lineup)

“Signature Riff, BrooklynVegan, Order of The Serpent, and Catharsis PR are proud to announce the inaugural Martyrdoom fest! The two-stage Brooklyn metal extravaganza will feature exclusive area performances from Dead Congregation (Greece), Grave Miasma (United Kingdom) and Cruciamentum (United Kingdom), along with rare appearances from names like Sanguis Imperem (California), Kommandant (Illinois), Prosanctus Inferi (Ohio), Anu (North Carolina), Encoffination (Georgia / California), Father Befouled (Georgia / California), Perdition Temple (Florida), and Evoken (New Jersey), and will go down across two stages at Public Assembly on June 30th. Tickets are on sale NOW and will set you back $20 in advance and $27 at the door.” (brooklynvegan)

02. VIDEO/MP3: Trevor Jackson’s ‘Metal Dance’ Mix of Post-Punk

“Check out a free MP3 version of Trevor Jackson’s Metal Dance mini-mix below, alongside a complete tracklisting of the producer’s killer two-disc compilation of post-punk, industrial and EBM, which hits shops on February 21st through Strut… (self-titled)

03. 2011 In Punk & Hardcore: A Review

“No, I’m gonna say it before you have a chance: looking back at what happened in punk and hardcore in a calendar year, and squishing it all into one rambling column, is kind of a bogus activity. It endorses an inappropriately neat culture of compartmentalisation, and ignores the fact that nearly all underground punk records come out when they’re ready and/or the label can afford to press them, rather than to maximalise its market performance or what have you. And yet there are trends in punk and hardcore, ones which create recognisable aesthetic shifts…” (thequietus)

04. 10 Classic Albums Released 10 Years Into A Band’s Career

“It’s a new year, and every Thursday, we’re going to be publishing a new list in this space. You guys like lists, right? Good! For our first one, we got to talking about Guided By Voices, who just released a pretty great album about 25 years after their first one. And that raised the question: How many artists are capable of releasing a great album a decade after their debut?” (stereogum)

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