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The Lacoste LAB revives the tradition of innovation, an integral part of the brand’s DNA. Besides being a tennis champion, René Lacoste was also a great inventor and designer. In addition to the famous L.12.12 polo shirt he invented and designed for his own comfort and efficiency on court, he also created technical and revolutionary tennis rackets, balls, golf clubs and golf bags as well as the first ever tennis-ball throwing machine. The artifacts produced by the Lacoste LAB naturally build a bridge between the brand’s heritage and its future.

The Lacoste LAB projects the brand into the future and continues to give Lacoste a competitive edge. It prepares for tomorrow by identifying products which could potentially represent the future of the brand. ‘By seeking new materials and new designs, the LACOSTE LAB expands the ways in which Lacoste expresses itself and boldly takes the crocodile into fields which it has yet to venture’, explains Lacoste Design Director Christophe Pillet, who spearheads the LACOSTE LAB project.

As part of the Lacoste LAB Collection, the French brand collaborated with a series of global brands, each an expert in what they do. GPA Design produced a carbon fibre helmet, LOOK produced a bike, the surfboard was shaped by J.P. Stark and engineered by NOTOX, the skis are produced by Black Crows, the soccer and rugby balls are engineered by MITRE Sports out of Tensile fabric with embroidered crocodile logos and the boomerang is produced by 3B of thin birch plywood. The outcome is a beautiful collaborative collection, now in stock at colette.

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