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Today we can give you a first look at an upcoming boot to release in Europea and North America from Red Wing for Fall/Winter 2012.

The 6-inch full brogue was first designed as a country walking shoe specifically created for use when crossing wetlands and bogs. For the people in Red Wing and the surrounding areas, heading outside often meant trekking through the Minnesota wetlands and river basins. People needed a boot that could withstand constant exposure to water and a boot that, when wet, would not break down and hurt a person’s feet.

The first people to wear brogues were farmers and gamekeepers. Small perforations were crafted into the leather of the toecaps and quarters of the boot. This design allowed water to drain and the boot to dry at a quickened pace. The perforations were only punched through the outer layer of the doubled-layered portions of the boots so that the weather resistance of the uppers was not compromised.

Detailed images of both the brown leather and black leather versions of the boot follow after the jump.

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