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For their February/March 2012 issue (also starring A$AP Rocky & Jeremy Scott) Complex hooked up with rising star Lana Del Rey on a killer cover.

Hers was a dramatic setup.

White balloons flashing corroded cartoon clips and ghostly images of President John F. Kennedy—all set to the creepy strains of Bernard Herrmann’s Pyscho theme. The fans kept coming through the door, filling New York’s Bowery Ballroom to capacity. The band stood at attention, poised for action as Lana Del Rey strolled on stage to squeals and whistles. Dressed in a summery white dress, gold belt, and low white Chuck Taylors, the tall red-haired singer looked more like she was ready to grab an ice-cream sandwich from Mr. Softee than perform her first proper concert in NYC.

And then the trouble began.

The issue officially hits stands on February 7, but you can read the full cover story here now.

More images follow after the click.

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