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We’ll be honest: the name of the new GANT Rugger collection or campaign sounds a bit forced. “Nouveau Prep” is meant to describe their new take on the prep look, so why not just call it “New Prep.” This is an American brand, right? Luckily, we can put aside the descriptors used in the campaign (which also include ‘dressy but messy’) and focus on the garments which do indeed offer more fitting cuts. The collection moves further along from the casual with the inclusion of oxfords (their standard), cut-off chinos, silk scarves and more. Inspiration comes from various ends including “downtown hipsters” and 60’s prep.

“Nouveau Prep” aside, we welcome the new direction from GANT Rugger. Available online.

Update: Rugger’s designer, Christopher Bastin, wanted to clarify the choice in the collection’s name. Here are his words:

The name “Nouveau Prep” actually has a nice story behind it. A blog (I believe it was the Bengal Stripe) referred to GANT Rugger as “Nouveau Prep” and it just stuck. I didn’t really think about it much until we began working on spring 12. Once I started getting the theme and ideas together, it really felt like a fresh take on things. Since I genuinely hate the phrase “preppy with a twist”, and, let’s be honest, anything with a bit of French in it is always kind of savvy, it became a natural name for the theme. Since then, I always refer to Gant Rugger as Nouveau Prep, and everyone seems to get it straight away. When vintage starts feeling cool again in like 8 years, perhaps we will call it “Prep Ancienne.”

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