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Polaroid film was of course great for road trips and parties, but it was crucial in the bedroom—allowing us instant gratification with our red photography and eliminating the hassle of trying to get quality prints discretely. In 2010, The Impossible Project—staffed by former Polaroid employees—filled the void left behind when their former employer shuttered its doors and windows by offering online access to leftover Polaroid film as well as their own Impossible Instant Films that work in Polaroid cameras. Now TIP has teamed up with Holden, makers of pragmatically tailored outerwear, to bring us Holden-branded Polaroid camera kits.

Primed for August release, the special edition kits will take the form of a handcrafted wooden box bearing a leather camera bag, a pack of limited edition Holden X Impossible PX70 Color Shade film, and a custom Holden Polaroid SX-70 camera. Enthusiasts will remember the SX-70 as the one that folds down to fit in a pocket … or a small nightstand. – jt

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