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Coffee-table bound for comic heads and a handy primer for those uninitiated with the spectacular depth and scope of the comic book universe, Leaping Tall Buildings: The Origins of American Comics offers a historical survey of the industry through profiles of the luminaries who helped build it, starting in the 1930s. Set for an April release from powerHouse Books, herein, the photography of Seth Kushner and words by Christopher Irving—the duo behind oft-clicked comics website Graphic NYC – builds a narrative that follows comic evolution from humble newsprint to mega-budget movies.

Included in Leaping Tall Buildings are Mad magazine’s Al Jaffee, Neal Adams, Art Spiegelman, Frank Miller, Harvey Pekar, Alex Ross, Becky Cloonan and Chris Ware, creating a wide view of things to say the least. Profiles feature photos from intimate studio visits and the story unfolds like good old-fashioned journalism (see: newsprint).

Timing couldn’t be better as we haven’t seen such a cluster of superhero movies in maybe forever. May this document keep things in perspective. Available from Amazon.

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