As usual the Super Bowl brought along a series of great new TV commercials this year. Some better than others, the car makers were again among the most active in the field. Over the last two weeks we have already presented some appealing spots. Now that the Super Bowl is over, the New York Giants have won this year, we can give you a nice recap of the best spots that aired this year.

See them all after the jump.

One that was not previewed before, but nevertheless got a lot of applause, was the ‘It’s Half Time’ spot by Chrysler, featuring Clint Eastwood.

Check out Voltron appearing in the MetLife spot here below.

Next on our list is the Acura NSX ad featuring Jerry Seinfeld and Jay Leno.

The Honda CR-V ‘Matthew’s Day Off’ featuring Matthew Broderick was also not bad.

Next up is the Happy Grad commercial by Chevy, which was funny, but could have been better. Still worth checking out.

Ok Go teaming up with Chevy was certainly also a smart move with an interesting outcome. The band even ended up producing an official music video with the footage.

Volkswagen killed it again with the ‘Dog Strikes Back’ commercial. The teaser commercial for this one, The Bark Side, was even better though. Check that out here below.

On we go to what KIA has cooked up. We present here below the ‘A Dream Car. For Real Life.’ commercial.!

The commercial was not bad, but the agency really got us with the ‘5 Hours of Adriana Lima in 1080p’ teaser for it. Check that out again here below.

We also liked the dark humor of the Chevy Silversonic 2012 truck commercial. Ford must not have liked it very much and even asked Chevy and NBC to ban the ad.!

Lastly we present the Audi Vampire Party spot.

If you think we missed some good ones, post them into the comments.

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