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Today we bring you a larger but still somewhat veiled view of Commune de Paris spring/summer wears, which we previewed late last year. There are some fetching clean looks represented but we’re finding their mission statement this go-around a little overwrought:

“Commune de Paris 1871 claims to embody freedom, insubordination, resistance to the dictum of a fashion which creates uniforms and over-sells fleeting moments. This revolutionary propaganda corrupts our youth and erodes the foundations of the Moral Order … A virtual secret police acts against Commune de Paris … BAC (Brigade Anti-Communarde).”

All the smoke machining, Molotov cocktailing and disguising going on here jives with this line of thinking, but it also sounds like a bunch of meaningless doublespeak. Who knows, maybe their tongues are deeper in cheek that we are realizing or maybe something is getting lost in translation. Semantic quibbles aside, we like the crispness of their button ups, the clean patterns used throughout and the anti-professorial leather shoulder patches on the “Sweater Malakoff.” And while printed tees are not heavy hitters in our wardrobes, the silkscreens presented here have an alluring balance of outsider art simplicity and upscale ambiguity.

More looks in our gallery…

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