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Tomorrow, Takashi Murakami (the world’s 6th richest living artist) opens his latest blockbuster exhibit at the Al Riwaq Exhibition Hall in Doha, Qatar. Marking his first show in the Middle East, Murakami is not only showcasing a vast collection of previous releases, but is also unveiling a host of new work.

According to the press release, “for this presentation, Murakami has conceived of the exhibition itself as a work of art, creating new modes of display that include sculptural pedestals with digital animation, a circus tent that doubles as an indoor cinema, and a new 100-meter-long painting that wraps around the exhibition space. Most spectacularly, the artist will depict himself as a larger than life inflatable creature, greeting visitors at the entrance of the exhibition, turning the show into a giant self-portrait, in which Murakami appears as a character in his own typically supernatural world.”

The Murakami Ego exhibition opens tomorrow and runs until June 24, 2012.

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