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Complex sat down with Stones Throw Records founder Peanut Butter Wolf to talk new J Dilla Releases. In the six years since his death the complications surrounding his estate have left fans frustrated at the prospect of unheard tunes locked away forever. Word has is it these issues may be on the verge of being resolved but we pass you over to the guys in the know for some interesting insights into Dilla’s work, life and junk food based titles.

“Dilla’s beat tapes always had these great titles, named after unhealthy food that he wasn’t allowed to eat. The doctors would always tell him that he couldn’t have Burger King, he couldn’t eat this, he couldn’t eat that. So he always named his beat tapes based around that. He had one that was really great that’s still unreleased called The Pizza Man—and we always wanted to do something with it…” Read more over at Complex.

Image – Raph Rashid

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