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On our (longish) list of hang-ups: scrunched down socks. The appearance of such socks is not a bad thing, per se, but the sight of socks bunched up around the ankles reminds of the awful feeling of socks with crap elastic. “Quitters,” we call them, and we want to burn them. This is not to rain on Micah Cohen‘s parade or anything—he’s been experimenting with such socks at least as far back as 2010—but his new collection does boast some sock-play that freaks us out.

What wins out over our squeamishness, however, is Cohen’s impeccable combination of comfy and classic. Here you’ll find what look like sweatpant/wool trouser hybrids alongside some more straightforward pants, shirts, vests and coats. These are clothes that look reserved at first glance but, upon examination, reveal all sorts of interesting ideas—like a baseball tee/henley mashup under a sweet plaid wool vest. Take a long look, for nothing is quite as it seems—except for those damn socks.

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