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If you’ve ever wished to come face to face with a six metre high inflatable Murakami then you might want to book a flight to Qatar. Murakami’s Altered Ego exhibition opens today at the Al Riwaq Exhibition Hall and features the usual eye-popping riot of cartoonish nightmares and psychedelic pop art. A man very aware of his stature in the art world, the big (literally) draw has to be the sinister ‘balloon’ version of himself standing guard at the entrance. Reminding visitors that Murakami sees all and will cover it in pink paint if it stands still long enough, this is nothing short of awesome.

The exhibition also includes new canvas work, most notably a 100 metre, three wall piece described as a reaction to the Japan earthquake and its aftermath. The show was described as a “dialogue with one’s own ego,” but Murakami takes time to look outside himself for this incredible piece.

Anyone who has found themselves staggering out of Frieze Art Fair will understand the low grade migraine that results from visual overload. These images remind us of that feeling, but if you don’t leave a Murakami exhibition feeling a bit spaced-out you probably didn’t get your money’s worth. More at CR blog.

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