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Any man out there who feels like he was born an era or two too late can certainly find solace in the fashion world right now. Along with everything food and drink, clothes are being approached with the romanticized attention to detail and presentation that (supposedly) reigned post-prohibition and pre-WWII. The Autumn/Winter 2012 line-up from Joseph Abboud has a fondness for bygone days, “[expressing] a mood of artful masculinity, taking cues from the strength and utilitarian beauty of mid 1930s America—an age where industriousness and ingenuity gave way to resiliently elegant new forms.” We’ll buy some of that, for, as promised, the silhouettes pay homage to “the graceful steel structures that defined the era” while still hewing to a slim modern fit.

The color palate, especially the soft burgundies, rings familiar to the Richard Chai/Filson show we reported on yesterday, which in turn reminded us of the idiosyncratic color palate of director Douglas Sirk—even more specifically, his 1955 film, All That Heaven Allows. While too much pining for Americana and days of yore can certainly be stifling, this show—the first runway outing for Abboud in seven years—maintains its freshness with some interesting fabrics, patterns, splashes of fur and those elastic pant cuffs that seem destined for ubiquity.

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