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Mackintosh is one of those ‘traditional’ British labels that fell out of favour, found love in Japan and arrived back in the United Kingdom with a style stamp of approval and a new air of cool. Funny how these things happen. We’re not quite sure why the Scottish brand would ever suffer from a lack of interest. These guys laid down the template for unfussy rainwear; technical fabric from way back and those clean, clean lines seem to be something that defy fashion.

We live in a fickle world though and apologies should be offered to the 189 year old company for ever turning our backs on them. Epaulet, a store/label doing great things at the moment, have seen the light. This navy Mackintosh Dowanhill raincoat has been given a respectful makeover with a slimmer cut and, what the store describes as ‘a rakish interior liner’. This coat is something special. Find it at Epaulet.

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