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As we already mentioned, Native Son has teamed up with Raleigh Denim in a quest to achieve perfect balance “in its ability to reference the past, exist in the present, and look forward to the future.” We detect a subtle bit of success with that here, as a rash of ’80s brattiness gears up to go, oh, I don’t know, fox hunting in jolly old England. Of course, subtext is subjective but the look pictured above seems to say “refined mallrat thuggery indeed.” And that’s what’s intriguing about all these offerings. They look serious without ever asking to be taken seriously.

Some other things we like here: lots of different fits, especially in the trousers; that brown leather jacket; the tux with the ditched bow tie; the long sweater sleeves; the short blue sweater (maybe). Not too jazzed on the fit of that brown patterned suit, though. Raleigh Denim’s contributions aren’t front-and-center here, but you can get a better look at them in yesterday’s post.

More looks in our gallery…

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