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Ovadia & Sons are having some fun with their Autumn 2012 lookbook, which bears a sturdy raft of easy-to-wear goods presented with a light peppering of strange. Born and bred in New York City, this is a family affair that’s been in the business for over 25 years, crafting—from top to bottom—neckties, shoes and everything in between. Given the lightheartedness of the book we keep asking ourselves questions like “is that guy with the skis for real?”

Definitely many awesome pieces here, but to our eyes some of the proportions are a little wonky and the fit on certain pants makes it look like the models have been riding horses in them all morning. We also have a quibble with tight black turtlenecks, but would absolutely love to go get the morning paper in the look pictured above.

More looks in our gallery…

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