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The irony in the Autumn/Winter 2012 collection from Public School is that the looks would be far more at home in an Amish school. The pastoral overtones aren’t thunderous, but they do hang heavy—most literally in the wide brimmed hats on the backs of the heads, the high-water pants and the thick black boots. As we mentioned the other day, these are exciting times for those with a real fondness for the high points of older eras. Of course, fashion always draws inspiration from the past, but there seems to be a real zeitgeist obsession with doing everything the old fashioned way (and taking pictures of the results on iPhones).

Got a little off-topic there. Bottom line is you have to look to the past and project the future, and we’re not seeing a whole lot of the latter here. There are some splendid pieces, however. The navy blazer and black cardigan look infinitely adaptable, for example. But we don’t expect the hats to take hold. You’d spend at least half of a windy day chasing them down the street.

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