Where the runway meets the street

Carhartt WIP continues to push hard ever since arriving on American soil. Today we can present their new capsule collection with local New York skate brand 5Boro, a collaboration that could not feel more natural.

“The 5BORO NYC and Carhartt W.I.P. crew skated and documented their way from the founding city of 5boro, “The Big Apple” to the founding city of Carhartt, “Motor City”. Carhartt’s Pontus Alv and 5boro’s Mark Nardelli worked together laying out Pontus’ sketches and photos to create the collection, officializing this collaboration with a distinct Carhartt-colored, co-branded labeling system.

Carhartt loves skateboarding and so does 5boro. Sure Carhartt W.I.P. is primarily a European thing – and 5boro owns a big part of its existence to the New York City roots it so greatly takes pride in – but the truth is that this geographical and cultural difference is quite easily overshadowed by what both do have in common: A genuine love for skateboarding, and a certain way to go about it. Both Carhartt and 5boro embrace all aspects of skateboarding, with teams consisting of a wide variety of skaters, on the board and off. When 5boro offered Carhartt team member Pontus Alv a guest board the ball started rolling and a while later flights were already being booked. Once everybody got in the van together it was only a matter of time for things to fall into place, by the time we left for Detroit both crews had pretty much blended together. After coming back to NYC, Pontus and 5boro’s art director Mark Nardelli got together and sealed the deal on our newfound alliance by designing these Carhartt X 5boro items.”

Consisting of several skate decks, skate wheels, a jacket and a t-shirt, the line should be releasing soon. Also make sure to check out the magazine that was produced to document the trip of the two brands after the jump.

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