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A gas station near Montreal designed by legendary architect Mies van der Rohe in 1966, has been refurbished by Canadian firm FABG with the idea that it will become a community center. The original structure was a prototype designed as part of a development project and had a space for servicing cars and another space for selling them.

As Frame tells us, “Welded black steel beams provided support for a low-hanging steel roof which covered a central pump island. [For] the refurbishment most interior furnishings were removed to make way for large open areas for group activities [like] card games, communal meals, dancing classes or lectures.”

“The project is not about the faithful restoration of a monument,” architect Éric Gauthier of FABG adds. “It is an interpretation trying to touch and communicate the essence of an artistic vision formulated by someone else in response to a world that is no longer the same.”

We expect an invitation to the inaugural sock hop.

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