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This one comes to us weirdly out of the ether. JACHS is an acronym for Just Another Cheap Shirt, which is part of a company called Shirt by Shirt that we’ve not covered here before. Their website is a touch ambiguous, but they produce shirts for clients ranging from Saks to Timberland to Zara to H&M. What you see here are their shirts, which are available at many fine retailers (they are Nordstrom‘s top woven shirt supplier).

We like a lot of them, especially the plaid flannel hooded button-up (a style of shirt we are not always sold on, but that appears to work very well here). The lookbook also implies that they make shirts and pants, and the pants look like some nice fitters as well. Their moto goes something like: “the perfect shirt for guys that wont kill the bank or take yourself to seriously [sic].” Perfect shirt? That remains to be seen, but we do like the balance of style and ruggedosity (new word) shown here. But it must be said that we are immediately skeptical of a newer brand that makes blatant heritage overtures (read: the label above).

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