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Swedish denim and fashion brand Cheap Monday has hooked up with Reebok Classics on 2 special make ups of a couple of their classic sneakers in the Freestyle Hi and the Workout as part of the sneaker’s 25th Anniversary. Cheap Monday took a material they know extremely well in denim and gave both silhouettes a two-toned denim uppers. Both sneakers are limited to 500 pairs each and will be distributed across Europe. Check for these at select retailers including Cheap Monday Stores in Copenhagen and London, Cheap Mondays Concession Stores (only the Workout) in Selfridges & Co London, Manchester and Birmingham as well as Solebox in Berlin and Caliroots in Stockholm.

Check out both sneakers in further detail after the jump as well as an exclusive interview with Orjan Andersson, founder of Cheap Monday and designer of this pack.

“Q: Where does your passion for denim stem from?

A: The history of jeans, how different youth culture groups have used jeans through the years and because the garment looks so good.

Q: Tell us a bit about your inspiration for the collaboration Why were you interested in working with Reebok?

A: It felt interesting with the street combinations of the brands.

Q: How was designing a sneaker different from designing denim?

A: Fun but more difficult when I’m having much more experience of designing jeans.

Q: What do you think it takes to make a classic?

A: Timing, traditionally recognizable attributes, luck and a timeless good looking product.

Q: What is a Cheap Monday workout?

A: Run to catch the bus.

Q: The workout was originally released at the pinnacle of the 80s fitness craze, were you a fitness fanatic back then?

A: I love ball games and stick to it, except that I bike a lot as a training.

Q: How do you think that sport influences fashion and vice versa?

A: I think that fashion affects the sport much more than sport affects the fashion.

Q: Tell us about the design process for this shoe?

A: I wanted to make it with a rock n roll and street feeling, so I chose black denim fabric in two different shades.”

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