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Campaigns like this Spring/Summer 2012 job from COS give us pause. We have to set down our coffee, turn down the Howlin’ Wolf and take a deeper look. At first blush, we were all like, “super clean, monochromatic, deviously drab,” and ready to call it good. But then things got quiet and we noticed the cunning ovular width on the blue sweater’s collar. From there, it was down the rabbit hole.

Alright, we might be getting a little carried away, but the more that meets the eye here is definitely less. The cowled collar on that coat is a big hit, but what about the trim little collars on those shirts? And how about the way the buttons don’t go all they way down? Are you mocking dress shirts, COS?

Okay, we’re back to the coffee and Howlin’ Wolf and ready to move on.

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