Where the runway meets the street
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We’ve followed the progress of Workers closely over the past few years. To see Takashi Tateno develop his business from those first few homemade items, created primarily for himself, to a consistently brilliant monthly collection has us tipping our railway caps to the man’s considerable talents. Through detailed research, geeky enthusiam and designing skill, he has delivered some exceptional items from accessories to outerwear. Here, The Scout pulls back the curtain and reveals the man and his retail space based in Kurashiki, Japan, through a series of images and interviews.

What seems to primarily drive Tateno is the production process behind old American garments; the sewing machines, the stitching, the creation of certain fabrics. His obsession with that most beautiful of cloths, Wabash, is explained “I didn’t know how to make the Wabash fabric. So in September, I traveled to the U.S for the first time. Went to West Virginia and the archive of J.L. Stifel and Sons. I found some reports from the 1940’s and I was able to understand the basic method of making that kind of fabric. I brought that information back to Japan and asked a fabric manufacturer replicate it.” A series of sentences which sum of this mans dedication perfectly. More at The Scout.

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