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Mister Freedom continue to hand out gems. Slowly. One at a time. It’s ok, we’re more than willing to wait. Their latest delivery for Spring/Summer 2012 is another joint effort with denim overloads Sugar Cane. A 20’s-30’s style ‘blouse’, American and European in its roots, this one is inspired by those short Chimayo jackets, ‘sports’ coats and military models such as the A1.

Two fabric options; Brown and Indigo canvas, both milled in Japan, this is packed with the kind of features that keep repro geeks smiling. Leather pocket trim, side buckles, back darts, chin straps…we’ll stop before some of you enthusiasts pass out. Christophe Loiron is pretty easy going on these matters though; “you don’t need to live out on the range, be called Tex and pack a six-shooter to pull of our “Men of the Frontier” garb. It was not designed for re-enacting 3:10 to Yuma, but to mix with what you feel appropriate.” More here.

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