We headed down to the launch of UVU at the Royal Geographic Society this week. As our preview signalled, this is a brand looking to take technical sportswear to a new level. Seeing the pieces up close only confirmed the levels of quality hinted at previously.  High-spec wear is certainly nothing new, but the recent resurgence in popularity has thrown a lot of hype and buzzwords into the frame, often failing to materialise when the product is seen in the flesh.

No doubt this collection works from an aesthetic level – clean, modern with minimal fuss. However, on the technical side, what has gone into the testing of these garments and the perfection of minute detail is immense. Employing the considerable stamina of 3 time winner of the Antarctic Ultra Marathon Richard Donovan and former Russian Special Forces Paratrooper Dmitry Mamadaliev, the prototypes are pushed to their limits.  “Run-tested on a 120km three-day intensive course, condition-tested in the Antarctic and race-tested at the North Pole Marathon”; just the beginning. Each piece tweaked and re-designed countless times, we are told their summer gear has been similarly put through its paces.

Pop-up shops in London, and if you’re passing, the North Pole – due in April. Take a look at this bells and whistles video put together by the brand, introducing the star of the show, the UVU Cold Race Jacket. Something special.

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