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There is something to be said for always having a bottle cap-opener on hand—whether for opening your own craft or import or for reaching over and making someone else’s evening easier. We have tried keeping them on our keychains but hate the pocket bulge. There was even an ill-advised period many years ago when some of us were wearing church keys on chains around our necks that ended with a fall on a skateboard and one bleeding and bruised sternum.

Of course, these days the one thing just about everyone has on them at all times is an iPhone, so the folks over at Intoxicase had the winning idea of putting a bottle opener on the back of an iPhone case. “Not simply a bottle opener welded onto an iPhone 4/4S case, [this is] the product of hundreds of design and experiment hours … [the opener is] embedded perfectly inside the pure Polycarb case.” Certainly sounds better than a chest wound. (ud)

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