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For many a year, clothes tailored to the specific desires of the commuting urban cyclist have come with hefty price tags. This isn’t really a complaint, as most of what we’ve picked up from season to season is made from fine-ass materials and cut to look real good. Now that Levi’s is in the game, however, we can fill out our drawer of bike-to-work-wear at a faster clip.

True, there was some initial eye-rolling in the “oh, now that everyone has a fixie they get involved” department, but it didn’t last long. Why? Because the shit looks good and seems built to withstand a little more abuse that your typical pair of 511s. “The collection expands on the original 511 Commuter and Commuter Trucker with new styles featuring performance details that offer cyclists greater mobility, protection, safety and convenience,” press release says. “These products are technologically advanced, without compromising style … It’s all about form, function, and cycling.”

They have even put together a “yup” little video showing the goods in action.

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